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Republican senators' revolt puts health bill in jeopardy

Several Republican senators have raised concern about a new health plan to repeal Obamacare.

Trump: I did not record ex-FBI chief James Comey

President Trump had earlier hinted he had secretly taped a sensitive conversation with James Comey.

Glastonbury 2017: Johnny Depp hints at Trump 'assassination'

"When was the last time an actor assassinated a president?" the star asks fans at Glastonbury.

Canadian sniper 'kills IS militant two miles away'

The bullet travelled 3,540m and took almost 10 seconds to reach its target, military sources say.

Michigan airport suspect tried to buy a gun, says FBI

Authorities say the investigation is ongoing in both Canada and the United States.

US man 'gave top-secret information' to Chinese agent

Former US diplomatic officer Kevin Mallory could face life in prison under the Espionage Act.

Bill Cosby plans 'sexual assault education' speaking tour

The beleaguered comic wants to educate young people about sexual assault, his representatives claim.

Otto Warmbier: Funeral held for student jailed in N Korea

The death of the US student has raised tensions, with North Korea calling Donald Trump a psychopath.

'Pizzagate' gunman sentenced to four years

The gunman was pursuing bogus claims the pizzeria hosted a child sex ring linked to Hillary Clinton.

California earthquake alarm sounded - 92 years late

US geologists apologise for issuing warning about a massive earthquake - that struck in 1925.

The moment a US father hears his dead daughter's heartbeat

Bill Conner weeps as he hears the heart of his daughter beat inside the man whose life she saved.

North America prepares for August solar eclipse

Nasa scientists are very excited about the eclipse happening in the United States later this summer.

Donald Trump talks up solar panel plan for Mexico wall

Attaching solar panels to a wall along the Mexican border will cut costs, the US president tells a rally.

Woman demands white doctor in Canada to see her son at local clinic

A mother in Ontario is filmed demanding that a "white doctor" look after her sick son.

George Clooney's tequila firm Casamigos sells for $1bn

It has been a busy time for the actor, whose wife Amal gave birth to twins earlier this month.

Marco Rubio and Ivanka Trump respond to failed hug gags

Marco Rubio and Ivanka Trump have responded to jokes on social media about their failed hug

Burying the truth

The secret of how a healthy young American ended up in a coma in a North Korean jail may have gone with him to the grave.


As US public anger towards the Hermit Kingdom grows, how will Trump react?

Sea of troubles

It's been 25 years since Canada declared a moratorium on northern cod. Is it ready for its return?

DC confidential

The Trump White House has become more secretive, and its changing the attitude of Washington.

Driving gloves, closed zoos

What are the more unlikely ways the blistering conditions are affecting the southwest of the US?


BBC's Barbara Plett Usher looks at what lays behind US moves to flood the region with weapons.

Melting point

Extremely high temperatures in the US southwest have sent the mercury above 115F (46C), but duty still calls for the Phoenix Fire Department.

Diplomatic impasse

Since the election of Trump, things have been rocky for European diplomats.

Time running out

Will the US and Nato find a political solution to the decades-old conflict, or add time to the clock?

Going for gold

More than $40m (£31m) is expected to be spent on a congressional race in the state of Georgia.

'Never give up'

Mari Malek came to the US as a child refugee. Now she uses her supermodel status to advocate for children affected by war in South Sudan.

Nerve centre

New Minority Report-style "nerve centres" combine data and predictive policing after massive increase in homicides.

Fed: US banks have money for crisis

The 34 largest US banks passed the first part of the Federal Reserve's annual stress test.

Qatar wants 10% of American Airlines

Qatar Airways has told the world's biggest airline it plans to buy up to $808m (£638m) of its shares.

Etsy announces 140 more layoffs

The job cuts at the online marketplace come after the resignation of its chief executive.

Philando Castile: Girl, 4, calms mother in police car

New footage shows girl, four, trying to calm her mother after the shooting of Philando Castile.

Indian teen celebrates as Nasa sends satellite to space

The tiny satellite was designed by Rifath Sharrook, 18, and manufactured using a 3-D printer.

Trump voters on Russia investigation: 'Not bothered'

The president's supporters in Iowa weren't too excited about former FBI chief James Comey either.

Funeral for North Korea captive Otto Warmbier held in Ohio

Funeral for North Korea captive Otto Warmbier held in Ohio

What's Alibaba's Jack Ma selling to America?

The boss of the Chinese e-commerce giant is pitching to American entrepreneurs. Should Amazon worry?

Florida car burglar caught with his pants down

A Florida car burglar is literally caught with his pants down as a wardrobe malfunction sends him crashing to the floor during a hapless getaway.

Trump proposes solar panel wall for Mexican border

President Trump has put forward the idea of covering his proposed border wall with Mexico in solar panels.

Police dashcam footage of Philando Castile shooting

Philando Castile was killed during a police traffic stop in Minnesota last June.

'Otto Warmbier wouldn't have broken law' in North Korea

A woman who was with Otto Warmbier when he was taken by security says she doesn't think the American was guilty.

Otto Warmbier death: Trump blames 'brutal' North Korea

President Donald Trump blames North Korea's "brutal regime" for the death of US student Otto Warmbier.

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