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Trump's transgender military ban 'not worked out yet'

Mr Trump announced a ban on transgender military service - but the policy has yet to be worked out.

Ohio State Fair ride accident results in death

A spinning pendulum ride tossed its passengers into the air at high speed, officials say.

Senate rejects plan to repeal Obamacare without replacement

A second attempt by Senate Republicans to repeal parts of Obamacare fails to gain enough support.

One-armed 'clown' brandishing a machete arrested in Maine

Maine Police arrest a man in a clown mask who taped a machete to the stump of his amputated arm.

Trump takes credit for Foxconn's 'incredible investment'

The Taiwanese electronics firm Foxconn says it will invest $10bn in a new factory in Wisconsin.

Bitcoin fraud suspect Vinnik charged by US grand jury

He is said to be part of a gang accused of laundering billions through the digital currency.

Canada's Supreme Court halts seismic testing near Inuit hamlet

The highest court ruled that the community was not adequately consulted on the oil and gas project.

Is Trump right that US has highest taxes?

Reality Check examines Donald Trump's claim that the US has the highest taxes in the world.

Canada revokes Helmut Oberlander's citizenship for the fourth time

Canada says it does not take revocation lightly but it is necessary in cases of fraud.

Justine Damond death: Woman 'slapped police car'

Australian Justine Damond called 911 and was shot and killed by police less than an hour later.

Obamacare: First Republican healthcare bill fails in US Senate

Senators reject the first proposal to overhaul US healthcare policy in the first of many votes.

Russia sanctions: EU vows to retaliate over US measures

Some European nations, including Germany, are angry because the US plans could hurt energy firms.

Cancer-hit Senator John McCain: To hell with loudmouths!

The Republican urges colleagues to stop listening to pundits and work for their constituents.

Widow, 71, rescued after week in the wilderness

Sajean Geer wanted to scatter her late husband's ashes in Olympic National Park, but got lost.

Man arrested after live cobras found inside potato chip cans

A California man is charged with smuggling after the snakes were intercepted by customs officers.

Kicked out

An active duty soldier was preparing for a promotion ceremony, but now his plans are in chaos.

In three minutes...

Did Donald Trump collude with Russia and could he be facing charges for obstructing justice?

Streets of scars

Fifty years after state and federal troops descended on Detroit to quell the unrest, locals recall the deep scars left behind.

Red volcano

Researchers living near the active Hawaiian Volcano Mauna Loa are simulating what it's like to "live" on Mars.

The 'untouchable'

Sujatha Gidla's book Ants Among Elephants is a personal examination of her life as a Dalit in India.


Krystyna Farley is a pageant star in the US state of Connecticut, but her life was not always this glamorous.

Heavy lift

When Coss Marte went to prison for drug dealing, he decided to turn his life around.

Digital palette

Pat Hines says he could "just never connect" with more sophisticated programs.

'Alternative facts'

A play based on Orwell's 1984 has opened in New York as more political productions respond to the Trump presidency.

Hope and slow change

One of America's poorest majority-white towns has faith the president will make it great again.

Eye of the storm

White House spokesperson Sean Spicer was a beleaguered man - on Saturday Night Live and in real life.

Pardon me?

Some legal experts believe he could, but that would not be the end of his problems.

ExxonMobil fined by US for Ukraine sanctions violations

The oil giant must pay $2m for engaging with Russia despite US sanctions on that country over Crimea.

Laptop ban: US lifts restrictions on Saudi Arabian flights

Saudi Arabian Airlines says US authorities have lifted restrictions on laptops in cabins at two airports.

US calls for smaller deficits in new Nafta talks

Trade gap with Mexico and better market access for its products in Canada are among priorities.

Boat dragging shark sparks controversy

The Facebook user who posted it says the shark was already dead when they found it.

Anthony Scaramucci on Donald Trump and the 'elite'

The White House's new communications director says the president straddles both the elite and the middle class.

Trump and Sessions: How relations soured

From staunch allies to public bickering, here's how the relationship soured.

Trump supporters say it's time for Sessions to step aside

The White House says it will decide "soon" on the fate of Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

US Navy fires warning shots at Iranian ship

The US Navy releases footage of a patrol ship firing warning shots at an Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps boat on Tuesday.

John McCain, with brain cancer, receives Congress ovation

The Republican senator, who has been diagnosed with brain cancer, entered the chamber to applause.

President Trump addresses Boy Scouts

They got a speech to remember at the 2017 National Scout Jamboree in West Virginia.

Aerial footage shows rescue in Arizona floods

Emergency crews are shown rescuing a driver from his car.

What made Trump roll his eyes?

The president is not amused during a photo shoot with outgoing White House interns.

CCTV shows Starbucks customer tackling armed robber

What Ryan Florez thought would be an easy target turned out to be anything but.

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