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Turpin case: California couple deny torturing 'shackled siblings'

The couple appeared in court after prosecutors detailed the horrific abuse allegations against them.

Shackled siblings: What we know about their lives

Chained to beds and beaten as punishment, the couple's children hatched an escape plan over years.

US government shutdown: House backs funding bill and sends it to Senate

A bill to temporarily fund the US government must now be backed by the Senate to avert a shutdown.

Fake-bomb TV crew held at New Jersey airport

The crew allegedly tried to get the device past security at Newark Liberty and film the response.

Fishermen escape crash by split-second

Watch how fishermen in Oregon react as a boat speeds straight towards them.

Apple and Google buses under fire in Silicon Valley

Buses carrying Apple and Google employees to work have been targeted while en route.

Uber co-founder Travis Kalanick a billionaire after $9.3bn investment deal

Travis Kalanick is selling shares worth $1.4bn as a consortium invests $9.3bn in Uber.

Amazon shortlists 20 metropolitan areas for new headquarters

The proposed site is expected to cost more than $5bn (£3.6bn) and create 50,000 jobs.

Iowa boys 'kill half a million bees'

They are accused of vandalising hives at an US honey business, causing the bees to freeze to death.

Trudeau bans anti-abortion groups from summer jobs funding

Religious groups say the latest pro-choice policy discriminates against their beliefs.

Arizona man 'killed nine people in three weeks', police say

The man was arrested for two murders, but gun technology linked him to seven others, police say.

Toronto family apologises for bogus hijab attack claim

The family expresses remorse for "the pain and anger" caused by the girl's made-up hate crime story.

Trump denies view on Mexico wall changed

The president fires off tweets after his chief of staff had said campaign promises had evolved.

Toronto man charged in deaths of two missing men

Police say they believe there are more victims and that the investigation has not yet concluded.

Canada family says cremation error a 'horror story'

A funeral home in Nova Scotia cremated the wrong corpse in a series of alleged missteps.

Fire and Fury: Trump exposé to become television series

Michael Wolff's exposé on Trump's White House is bought in a seven-figure deal.

Justin Timberlake on Janet Jackson Super Bowl aftermath: 'I stumbled through it'

The star says he's "made peace" with Janet Jackson over his role in her wardrobe malfunction.

US government shutdown: How did we get here again?

The US is days away from a potential government shutdown. It's happened before. What is going on?

Do Trump's 'business conflicts' still matter?

What happened to worries about President Trump's potential conflicts of interest?

Pilcomayo River: 'Without water, we have no life'

What it's like to live in one of South America's most remote regions along the Pilcomayo River.

Detroit Motor Show: What the cars of the future may look like

A range of concept cars and trucks are showcased at the 2018 Detroit motor show.

Viewpoint: The good, bad and ugly in Trump's first year

Despite positive economic news, the Republicans risk a heavy defeat in the mid-terms. How come?

Can anyone open a school at home in California?

The couple who allegedly held their own children captive registered a private school at their home.

Detroit auto show: Will it be upstaged?

The Detroit motor show is a major industry event, but technological advances are changing the traditional order.

Trump tracker: The story of his first year - in seven graphics

Donald Trump says his administration has made "incredible progress". Do the facts back that up?

Trumplomacy: Has Trump made the world more dangerous?

Trump may have stoked fears with his erratic and volatile tweets, but he has not torpedoed alliances.

The 'happy family' in a house of horrors

From their pictures, the couple arrested in California seemed to preside over a happy American family.

The coach who helped North Korea's skaters qualify for the Olympics

Canadian coach Bruno Marcotte trained skaters Kim Ju-sik and Ryom Tae-ok in Montreal this summer.

McDonald's aims for fully recycled packaging by 2025

The world's biggest restaurant chain says all its packaging will be from sustainable sources by 2025.

Detroit Auto Show: Firms bet on trucks to boost US sales

Companies are focusing on pickup trucks and SUVs to try to counter flagging US sales.

Spain to replace US as second most popular tourism spot

The UN says Spain is set to replace the US as the world's second most popular tourism destination.

Turpin case: 'Chains and padlocks used on siblings'

The charges against California couple David and Louise Turpin include torture and child abuse.

How an 'ice jam' caused river to burst banks in minutes

Timelapse footage shows how a partially frozen New York river rose dramatically during a cold snap.

Viewsnight: 'Russians didn't elect Donald Trump - Americans did'

The New Yorker's Masha Gessen argues that Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation is not a magic bullet to remove Donald Trump

Puerto Rico school's joy as electricity restored after 112 days

Wild celebrations erupt as power is restored at a Puerto Rico school months after Hurricane Maria.

Meteor lights up Michigan skies

The US Geological Survey said seismic waves produced by the meteor were similar to that of a 2.0 earthquake.

Senator Flake: Trump using Stalin's words to attack media

A Republican senator slams the US president for describing the media as "the enemy of the people".

Trump's medical: What we learned

A White House doctor says President Trump could benefit from a low-fat diet and routine exercise.

Scaramucci: Trump's tweets show off his wit

The former White House director of communications, Anthony Scaramucci, on President Trump's tweets.

Father of two deported after 30 years in US

Jorge Garcia was brought illegally to the US aged 10.

US senator to Trump official: Your amnesia is complicity

Cory Booker says he is "seething with anger" over the president's reported remarks on immigration.

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